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This is the official Life Without Ed Tumblr page. Providing inspiration for recovery, one day at a time. Please don't be afraid to reach out to us. All the girls who run this site have been through different types of mental disorders, so your questions or calls for help will be given to the girl who has once been in your situation. <3
hold your head up high gorgeous.



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a-nim-al-arith-metic: How do I deal with people using my ED recovery against me in an extremely hurtful way? 

You have a choice in recovery- you’re getting rid of a toxic influence (your e.d.) in your life. It’s also important to get the toxic people out of your life, too. 
Recovery is a tough thing, especially when you feel people are going to use it against you.
Just remember how strong you are- you’re choosing to recover. The negative people in your life who want to use that against you are simply cruel. You don’t need them in your life at all. Hold your head high and fight. 


Don’t try so hard, you are enough.
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"Dream and dream big. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what color you are, what shape you are. Be the best that you can be." Latrice Royale
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Make them eat it!!

I highly suggest to our followers that you read up on Ms. Latrice Royale- an awesome drag queen who appeared on Rupaul&#8217;s Drag Race.
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Reblogging again in the span of 2 minutes

Yes please. God my romantic life is going to be so fucking simple 

the Sheldon gif topped it all off

We have all of them too , same cases and everything

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